We have made the difficult decision to cancel the previously planned event. Instead, we are having a small intimate gathering with immediate family for the big day. We will be streaming the event on August 27th, 2020 at 1:30pm.

Melanie & John

August 27, 2020Wareham, MA

Our Story
Hit By OkCupid's Arrow
John and Melanie's story is one for the digital age. In hopes of finding someone special, both logged on to the OkCupid app and filled out a profile. Melanie was drawn to the small little dog in John's photo, but of course said it wasn’t just that (but let's be real-it was). It turned out, they both had Tibetan Terriers, and bonded over their love of dogs. On their first date, Melanie and John went blueberry picking, and it was then that they realized they shared a quirky sense of humor and could make each other laugh with ease. Their first few dates would end up lasting hours, full of talking, music, and laughter. Soon it was clear that being together was simple. They knew they wanted to laugh like that, together, forever.
The Wedding

Thursday, August 27, 2020
1:30 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal
Please join us for the streaming of our ceremony at 1:30pm on August 27th, 2020. Information on streaming will be posted and e-mailed at a later date.
Wedding Party

Brian Pollock - Man of Honor

Brian is Melanie's younger brother and built in best friend. 17 months apart, Melanie and Brian spent most of their childhood playing together: sharing friends, toys, and all sorts of experiences. Today, even while miles apart, they speak for hours on the phone, often using accents or strange voices for entire phone calls. When it came to picking her maid of honor, there was no one that made more sense than her practically twin-brother and best friend.

Hannah Trinkle - Bridesmaid

Hannah is Melanie's younger cousin, though is much more like a younger sister. Growing up, we spent almost every weekend together and spent many an afternoon making up dances, wearing matching outfits, putting on plays, doing make-overs, and much more. Melanie could not imagine walking down the aisle without her mini me by her side (though she is hoping Hannah won't want matching outfits for this occasion).

Chastity DeLorme - Bridesmaid

Chastity DeLorme is one of Melanie's best friends from college. With many nights spent laughing, watching cheesy movies, and having dance parties in their dorm room, fun is never in question when they are together. Chastity is a loyal friend and they support one another through thick and thin. Chastity being part of this day has been planned since they imagined their future weddings together and spent hours searching pinterest wedding photos instead of doing homework.

Hannah Simms - Bridesmaid

Hannah and Melanie have been friends since the first night of their first semester at Brandeis. While their friendship started in an odd way (Hannah poking Melanie's eye accidentally, damaging blood vessels, and making Melanie's eye look rather frightening), they were fast friends. Since that day, they have remained close friends, enjoying hikes together with Chastity, and long phone calls on drives home from work.

Katherine Slattery - Bridesmaid

Katherine, John’s sister, and Mel bonded while teasing John about his “grandpa-ness” and have since become good friends. Since day one, Katherine has welcomed Melanie into the family with open arms. Melanie is looking forward to having a sister, and could not ask for a better one.

Sydney Callahan - Bridesmaid

Mel met Sydney at camp 15 years ago and now, even living in Reno, Sydney has continued to be there for the big moments. Sydney and Mel participated in musicals at Concord Youth Theatre every summer and to this day will practice old dances in Mel's living room. Even with all this distance and time gone by, Sydney has come to every single New Years/birthday party of Mel's for the last 10 years, and they hope to continue to celebrate many birthdays together for years to come.

Katie Maybury - Bridesmaid

Katie is Melanie's older brother, Matthew's, girlfriend. In the last year and a half, they have enjoyed family gatherings together, getting to know each other at double date dinners, and most recently a wonderful family vacation in Maine. Melanie is so excited to have Katie as a part of her family, and can't wait to have her as a part of this special day.

Matt Pollock - Best Man

Matt is Melanie's older brother and quickly has become one of John's good friends. They bonded over their shared interest in boats and everything ocean.

Timothy Slattery Jr. - Groomsman

Tim Jr. is John's older brother. While they did not grow up together all the time, they have always enjoyed spending time together. They share interests in cars, and tinkering on projects in the garage.

Milan Radojevic - Groomsman

Milan is John's brother in law, married to his sister, Jillian, and father/stepfather to John's niece and nephew. John was one of Milan's groomsmen at his wedding last summer, and he is glad to have Milan by his side as well.

Hunter Graves - Groomsman

Hunter is one of John's friends from growing up and now they even work together. John and Hunter spend many mornings and afternoons on the phone, venting about work day frustrations and talking about their lives.

Christopher McLeod - Groomsman
Chris is one of John's friends from high school. Chris and John enjoy taking a trip out on their boats, playing Mario Kart, meeting up in Boston or Marblehead to grab a beer
James Gassler - Groomsman

James is one of John's friends from Marblehead. While they don't hang out all too often, they enjoy getting together with friends whether it is for a trip to New Hampshire for skiing or heading out on someone's boat in the Marblehead harbor.

Max Trinkle - Groomsman

Max is Melanie's younger cousin, though often feels more like a younger brother. While John and Max have not spent a ton of time together, they enjoy hanging out at family holidays, summer BBQs, and sunday football games. John is looking forward to welcoming Max into his family.